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Our members all have exclusive access to events and other member connections to grow and learn keeping you informed on current trends and engaged in the fields of your choice.

Why should I join SCAN Macomb?


We provide an opportunity for you to interact with professionals in your field! Our advantages include:

  • Exclusive SCAN Macomb community events

  • Speakers and programs

  • Large network of professionals

  • Forum for new ideas and trends

  • New services for the aging

Membership Requirements

SCAN Macomb membership is comprised of professional individuals from public, private, or non-profit organizations servicing older adults. Each individual is a member. Organizations may not be a member. All members are required to provide full contact information that at minimum includes: name, address, telephone and email address.

You may join as a member for $35 per county per year, good for one year from date of payment.  The membership includes notification and free admission to meetings and free or reduced admission to member-only events.

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